3 min readApr 23, 2021


Most Important Advices for Beginner/Junior Programmers

If you just started programming or started a few months ago like me this post might be very helpful and useful for you. There are tons of different sources to learn as a beginner software developer. But what are the most important things for you? Let’s have a look quickly.

1- Do you have a good plan for the project?

The most important thing is having a good organized plan or framework before starting a new project. Basically, in order to succeed in any job, you should have a good plan to do this. Actually, beginning a new software project is the same with others.

2- Divide the task into the smaller groups

If you started a new program and don’t know how to begin, first off, you should divide the program into smaller ones. If you divide the program into the smaller groups, it could be easier than solving a complex bigger challenge.

And then we should divide and formulate the problem into the smaller ones and simple parts. Then we are supposed to go ahead step by step with an algorithm.

For example, if you are stuck to find the third-highest number in a program, instead we can start to find the highest one. And then to find out the third highest number can be easier.

3- What should you do if you get stuck?

Generally, you can’t solve the problem at one time. Rarely some programmers can write a program in one time. Most probably you will confront a problem in your program. That’s perfectly fine.

In order to solve that you should understand the problem. And then ask yourself.

• What did I expect what I have?

• What did I expect to happen?

• Is it actually broken?

• What happened instead?

• What have I tried so far?

Finally, you can talk/ask/express to someone else what the problem is. Even if you could not find anyone to explain you can talk with an item/animal/toy like Rubber Duck or your dog. 😊

4- Over and over again doing practice

Imagine that you know how to play piano but you are not playing periodically. Therefore, you can lose some of your abilities and can’t remember some of the basic knowledge. Like any other skills learning programming needs doing more practice as well. As a beginner developer when I could not type any code in my daily life, I can remember very difficult some of the rules.

As many of us you will make more mistakes in your long journey. That’s perfectly fine because you are in a “learning” level. With doing more practice you will decrease your mistakes. To achieve this handicap, you are supposed to do over and over periodic practice.

5- Software Engineers are Lifelong Learners

If you want to be a good programmer you can’t give up your learning passion. Software engineers need soft skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking with their technical expertise. They must have lifelong learning skills to cope with the ever-changing nature of the software evolution. According to StackOverflow Survey 2018, software engineers are lifelong learners. Almost 90% of all developers say they have taught themselves a new language, framework, or tool outside of their formal education.

As a result, if you constantly nurture yourself with new things, you will be definitely successful.